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Hiring a Coach

Hiring a mindfulness coach is an important life decision. The right coach can help you uncover your limiting beliefs, establish goals that align with your true values and add deeper awareness and understanding of the people, challenges and experiences you face everyday. Knowing this, its essential to choose a coach with whom you trust, resonate and feel supported.

The following questionnaire will help you gain clarity on potential obstacles stopping you and give some insight into what you can ask your coach before making an investment.

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1. What makes you different than other therapists/coaches? +

Heart Centered You differentiates itself by providing both spiritual and scientific strategies built around action that retrain the brain toward new habits, beliefs and goals instead of providing a mere platform for talking about dissatisfaction. As a result, clients receive opportunities to actually practice techniques and new approaches to goals with support and accountability while, at the same time, crafting a mindfulness toolkit to use when it’s time to move forward, independently.

2. Do you offer a free consultation and/or materials to enable me to get to know you before I invest my money in your services? +

Yes, I offer a free 50 min consultation for all potential clients interested in taking part of any and all services. I believe it is very important for client and practitioner to meet first to establish rapor and try the partnership on for size! [https://Heartcenteredyouappointments.as.me/][0] I also offer free downloads and resource links on my website and have videos on social media ([https://www.heartcenteredyou.com/inspiration/][1])

3. Do you use assessments and customizable programs based on my specific, personal needs, preferences and budget? +

Yes, at HCY I use various discovery and stress assessments to help craft the right programming for each client. I offer private meditations and 1:1 coaching that uses a consistent holistic approach, but allows for flexibility within each utilizing strategies and practices specific to client's goals and tendencies. Services range in investment level with payment plans available.

4. What sort of methodologies/schools of thought do you use in your practice? +

Heart Centered You follows a methodology of both spiritual and scientific teachings. Our ability to focus, instill self-confidence and form new habits are all neural muscles that need to be worked out, just like the body. When we ignore them, we run into neural dissonance (brain confusion) because our subconscious and conscious brain are misaligned. Priming the brain with mental rehearsal using mindfulness practices such as visualization creates neural cohesion (brain alignment) by enabling space to practice a life with new goals, habits and beliefs before we live it, thus normalizing the new unfamiliar patterns in a safe place and paving the way for change that sticks!

5. What makes you qualified to help me? +

Deb Graduated with a BA in Sociology from UCSB, is a Spirit Junkie Masterclass graduate who studied under Gabrielle Bernstein and holds a Yoga Nidra certification specializing in writing and recording personalized meditations. Deb is a mother of two boys, happily divorced and an avid believer in holistic health. She has researched a host of mindfulness modalities throughout the years in navigating her own personal and professional life that have proved helpful and effective in navigativing her parenthood, depression, marital issues, and general overwhelm. Her life experience, passion for wellness and commitment to helping people find and live in their best self, shows through in the care and thought she puts into every program and every client partnership.

6. I am worried about the stigma of going to a therapist. How do I explain your services to friends and family? +

Deb understands that the word “therapy” can trigger different emotional responses. While Heart Centered You offers therapeudic practices that help people relax, manage stress, create new habits, etc, Deb is not a liscensed therapist and HCY does not diagnose, provide psychotherapy councelling or medical treatment of any kind. The private coaching, meditations and online programming are available as skill building tools helping clients live their best life, uncover their gifts, align goals with values and raise consciousness. It’s an investment in the self that will pay dividends in all aspects of life!

7. Investing in a coach is a big deal. With all the other financial obligations I’m up against, why should this be a priority?

Investing in a coach is truly an investment in the SELF. Remember the old saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”? If you don’t continually fill your cup and invest in the opportunity to tune into what makes you your best self, your job, family, friendships, responsibilities all get the brunt of your overwhelm. Working with a mindfulness coach will awaken you to what you value and the gifts you have to share, giving you a compass to follow in decision making, boundary setting, goal achievement, time management and overall attitude toward life’s ups and downs. It’s not whether you can afford the investment…ask yourself, what will change if I don’t? Can I afford NOT to make the investment?

No? I’ve got your back. Not only does HCY offer flexible payment plans and loyalty discounts for pre-payment in full and referrals, I also offer additional consultations specifically dedicated to fund finding. Clients can expect support in reviewing their daily spending, overall expenses, habits and financial story. Knowing your numbers and determining action steps toward prioritizing this investment will be your biggest asset in creating space in your budget!

8. I am new to meditation, spirituality and mindfulness in general. Will I be overwhelmed? Will this even work for me? +

Heart Centered You meets you where you are at! I offer free consultations to all interested participants to get to know you, your interests, comfort level, experience level and goals. We will talk about my approach, the various programs available and where you fit in! Everything is adaptable and individualized.

9. Feeling supported by a coach is important to me….not just Monday-Friday, 9-5. Do you offer varied appointment times outside typical work hours? My schedule is already full and often unpredictable- what is the typical weekly time commitment? +

Heart Centered You offers daytime, evening and select weekend office hours. Private coaching clients have unlimited email/phone access to Deb within posted office hours. With varied hours given, exceptions are made for emergencies but HCY does try to keep to office hours in an effort to live the balanced life I teach and promote within my practice.

Sessions are typically 50 min with exception for premium private Yoga Nidra sessions (90min) Private coaching clients meet weekly for 4 weeks with some assigned work between sessions.