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how to use your awareness of relationships for self care:

Our relationships in life can make the biggest impact on our happiness and sense of self.  Nurturing these relationships can be the game changer in ensuring a life with as LITTLE resentment, stress and overwhelm as possible.   BUT relationships span more than just our interactions with the people in our lives.  Looking at how we view/interact with our CAREER, MONEY, ENVIRONMENT and BODY will give us important insight into where our stressors lie and how to pave the way for a smoother ride! 

Take a look at the list above.  Are you taking all your vacation days? Do you have a quality, organized place for your money? Is physical clutter causing mental clutter? Do you trade in sleep for (perceived) productivity? Have some fun with this- once you are aware of your relationships, you can play around with making small changes to grow and evolve with them.

One of the most helpful things I did for myself was learn my love language.  Our love language comes down to 5 ways we show others we care. This can be through PHYSICAL TOUCH, WORDS OF AFFIRMATION, QUALITY TIME, ACTS OF SERVICE and GIVING GIFTS.  Knowing where you (and others) fall can not only help you understand how you interact with others better, but give you insight into how you might be making assumptions or judgments about others when they "speak" a different language.  Click the link below to take your FREE online love language questionnaire and find out YOUR love language today:)