You know the saying...."You can't give from an empty cup".  Heart Centered You is here to help you fill up!  

Below are 5 different avenues of self care- 5 different arenas of life to help bring joy, passion, fulfillment and self love into balance so you can be your best self for the people and responsibilities that call for it!  

Self care is SO MUCH MORE than spa days and movie marathons in your PJs.  Take a look...there's bound to be some self care acts that resonate with you.

Print them out, save to your phone and use them when you need to push that re-set button!


click on the image for more         details on how meditation

and rest can work for you!


     click on the image for more 


   details on how movement can be 

a powerful self care tool!

    click on the image for more


    insight into how the arts


   and your own creativity


  can help fill your cup!

click on the image to see 

how your community and your tribe, can re-fuel you!

click on the image to dive deeper into how the relationships


in your life play a part in your decision making (which directly affects your self-care!)